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Support to Children

We provide safe spaces for children to talk, to process their thoughts and feelings, supporting the identification of strategies and helping to develop their emotional well-being.

Sibling Service

Our Sibling Service supports siblings of children with special educational needs, primarily on the autistic spectrum, who are showing signs of anxiety. Siblings may experience trauma or adapt their behaviour to fit family dynamics and our Sibling Listening Services gives space to talk to an experienced adult independent of their situation about the impact on them. It’s a 1-1 early intervention service for those showing low-level signs of anxiety or distress to help develop their emotional well-being. 100% of staff and parents reported the sessions were benefiting their child, and 100% would recommend the service to others.

She appears to have more patience at home with her sibling; she is not as emotional.

Child Bereavement Service

Our service is for children experiencing bereavement through death or separation who would benefit from 1-1 listening support. The service provides a safe space for those showing signs of grief, low-level signs of anxiety, distress or withdrawal, to talk freely, share memories and process the grief journey.

Our Children’s Services currently operate in partnership with schools but could easily operate within other organisational contexts that support children.

He goes to sessions without fuss – with other school interventions getting him to go can be an issue.

Pictures of emotions/feeling words that the children have written in regards to how the listening sessions make them feel.

We’re here to help.

If you are interested in any of our support or training services, please contact us. We will arrange to visit you to discuss what works best for you.

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