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Support to Educational Organisations

Many modern careers can be stressful and schools, colleges and universities are not exempt from this. Studies indicate that high numbers of teachers/lecturers/support workers experience symptoms of stress such as anxiety, panic attacks and depression at some point in their careers. Our listening, chaplaincy and training services can be aimed at academic and support staff, or students; and specific listening and support projects can be set up for peak pressure times within the academic year. Educational establishments play a hugely significant role in our society and providing a confidential listening ear and encouragement can help the senior management team in maintaining a supportive environment for both students and staff.

In addition to our usual 1-1 services, we have expanded our Schools support to provide services for staff dealing with the massive increase in safeguarding and pastoral issues within the families they support. Our service provides a facilitated safe space for the team to offload and process the emotional impact of dealing with these challenging/distressing family situations and thereby manage their own emotional and mental health.

Students that have used the service have seen an increase in their self-esteem and positive outcomes on their educational experience.

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