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Support to Sports Clubs and Organisations

Professional, semi-professional and lower league clubs

A Sports Chaplain’s aim is to get involved in the life of the club, getting to know staff and players so they can provide support when needed. They may get involved in stewarding, training, providing water or beating the drum but their primary purpose will always be to provide a chaplaincy service to everyone connected with the club. They may find themselves visiting injured players, supporting players or staff experiencing challenging life situations, organising funerals for fans and/ or volunteers, facilitating child blessings for families, visiting a club to provide support for a specific or unexpected event, and cheering on the team whatever the results.

In many clubs, the Chaplain will work alongside the Staff Welfare Officer, supplementing their role on a daily basis, as well as providing support at significant times.

As a coach I have a confidante to talk to about all pastoral issues that arise. I can bounce ideas off him and whatever the topic of conversation, he never judges and advises where he feels he can. Recently he is my shoulder to cry on and my pillar of strength.

Director of Rugby

The squad as a whole feel comfortable approaching the Chaplain with whatever issues they feel they need to discuss.

In all professional sport, chaplaincy services are essential

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