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Join us on our Listening and Chaplaincy training courses which are taking place throughout 2024!

“The training has reinforced the importance of listening and its power to heal. It’s something I will aim to take forward when listening to friends, family and patients in the future.”

Training delegate

SYCLS provides Listening training in an Active, Reflective form of Listening called Mirroring. The training teaches people to listen without interruption, judgement or deflection in a way that makes someone feel valuable and heard. The sessions equip people for highly effective listening in day-to-day settings, whilst also providing the framework for listening in a more formal context. If you want to increase your listening skills, become a listening ear to support people through the challenges of life, and/or volunteer as a Listener or Chaplain, you can book on to a SYCLS training programme.

We also provide Chaplaincy training and the training course includes the training required to volunteer with us as a Chaplain in each of our different partner organisations. Sessions include opportunities to ask questions, explore case studies & scenarios together, and to consider whether Chaplaincy is the right route for you. The training is delivered by 2 South Yorkshire Chaplaincy & Listening Service trainers who are also working as Chaplains.

If you are interested in any of our training, please contact

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