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Run for SYCLS

“Running in nature helps me to process my thoughts and feelings and is vital to my mental health.  I often come home feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders after a long run.”

We would love you to join some of our SYCLS staff in running the Run For All Sheffield 10K on Sunday 24th of September this year! This is an exciting trail for all-abilities, set right in the heart of South Yorkshire’s famous Steel City.

Everyone is welcome – whether you’re a novice runner or seasoned athlete – Run For All encourage people of all abilities to take part in the Sheffield 10K. And running is good for your mental health.

“When you run, endorphins and serotonin are released in your body — chemicals that may improve mood.  Studies show regular running at a moderate or vigorous pace can improve your mental health and even your memory and ability to learn. Running outside could have other benefits, like lessening feelings of loneliness and isolation, reducing the effects of stress, and helping with depression and anxiety.”

All money raised will go towards our services which provide well-being, emotional and/or mental health support to individuals and organisations across South Yorkshire. We listen to people who need a safe space to offload and we journey with people through the challenges of life. Entries are now open so we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible! This will also allow for enough time to train for the run and share with friends and family to gather sponsors.

Enter the event and purchase your entry ticket via the Sheffield 10k website.

You can also go to our fundraising page to download a Fundraising Pack designed to help you plan your run and find sponsors.

Get in touch with SYCLS to register your involvement and receive a SYCLS T-shirt:


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