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Celebrating 60 yrs: Supporting SYCLS

Clark & Partners Ltd is a company whose aim is to provide personal mobility and access solutions, offering quality products, installations and services to individuals, professionals and care providers. As part of their 60th anniversary they have chosen SYCLS as their charity to support.

Donna Bennett, Business Manager said:

“We are delighted to be marking the 60th anniversary of our business, and as part of our celebrations, to partner with SYCLS to support the amazing work they do with people and families as they face the challenges of life. Weathering the storms and riding the waves of life (and business) can leave us feeling tired, vulnerable and in need of a supportive and listening ear. SYCLS provide this in many different working environments across the city, helping individuals and organisations to take time and space to understand and address what may be difficult life circumstances.”

The money raised will help us to support more people through our listening, chaplaincy and wellbeing services including people working in businesses like Clark & Partners. Men and women who sometimes need an independent, confidential, listening ear to support them in times of challenge. You can donate to SYCLS on their justgiving page.

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