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Light Up a Life!!!

Grief is difficult at any time and even more so at Christmas. Following the Light Up a Life services for Rotherham Hospice we were contacted by an attendee saying they would love to re-read the talk about snow and grief.…
Linda Gascoyne
12 December 2023

Graduation Ceremony

Last week Baz and Linda attended the graduation ceremony for the 71st Firefighter Recruits. It was a great event and a huge privilege to be invited.
Linda Gascoyne
27 July 2023

Thank you to Clark & Partners Ltd

We are delighted to be marking the 60th anniversary of our business, and as part of our celebrations, to partner with SYCLS to support the amazing work they do with people and families as they face the challenges of life.
Roxy Foulkes
15 June 2023